Letter Writing Campaign

inmate-protest-feature We are a group of concerned citizens writing every incarcerated person in Mississippi a message of support. We want people inside to know they are loved and not forgotten. We need lawmakers and elected officials to know the world is watching them and holding them accountable.

Thank you for joining us in RECH’S letter-writing campaign to support people harmed by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Mississippi prisons!

It is RECH’S intention to write every single person incarcerated in the state (all 30,000) a brief message to let them know that they are loved and we will never stop fighting for them.  Your message can contain an inspirational quote, a message of love, or simply let them know you are thinking of them (see suggestions to the left).

RECH’S goal will only be accomplished by a lot of people making the small, but not at all insignificant gesture, of writing a brief card or letter. We recommend using plain white envelopes and listing Full Name, ID, and Full Address on every card. PLEASE USE THE RETURN ADDRESS LISTED BELOW.

Here is a suggested number for individuals, families, and organizations:
Individuals: Write 5-10 people
Families: Write 10-20 people
Organizations: Write 50+ people

PO Box 10740
Jackson, MS 39289

Please Note:

Please do not ask any incarcerated person for information, nor disclose any. These are messages of support, encouragement, inspiration, and love. We do not want anything said in a letter to incriminate someone or be used against them.

1) Return address must be handwritten and include a full name. No labels are allowed. This can be your actual name or made up, but it must a probable personal name (ie. Charles Brown), not your organization (ie. Vera).  2) All MSP addresses must contain a unit number, https://www.ms.gov/mdoc/inmate/ 3) Postcards are being rejected at some prisons. To ensure delivery, use white envelopes.

 Acceptable sample format above.

​Please click “NAMES” link (below) to access a shared Google spreadsheet with the name, ID, and location of every person incarcerated in Mississippi. Start with the first letter of your last name and, using the suggested numbers above, highlight/bold a group of people that you commit to writing to. This will let others know that this group is already accounted for.